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แผ่นรองเมาท์ Soyan

แผ่นรองเมาท์ Soyan

แผ่นรองเมาท์ Soyanหนัง PU มีสีดำ แดง สีน้ำตาล และ มีทอง


  • PU LEATHER: made of PU leather material, this mouse pad is durable, strong and wear-resisting. Unique retro aesthetic looks for the mouse pad will be a centerpiece on your desktop.
  • DIAMETER: 8.66Inch/220mm. THICKNESS: 0.12Inch/3mm. WEIGHT: 75g/2.7oz. Fit to be applied to home, office, work and game. It is compatible with most of wired mouse and wireless Bluetooth mouse.
  • STRUCTURE: two round durable PU leather pads are sewn by durable line. The sewing seam line is beautiful and neat. Double PU leather pad will reduce noise effectively.
  • Smooth and water-proof surface not only makes the accurate and relaxed control on mouse, also can be cleaned and wiped easily.
  • Bottom layer is anti-skid base to prevent mouse pad moving when using.

ขนาด เส้นผ่าศูนย์กลาง 22 cm.


    ฿249.00 ราคาปกติ
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